Annual tree lighting brings excitement to downtown Farmington

Emily Pace, Staff Writer

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The city of Farmington threw its annual Christmas parade on Grand River on Dec. 2. It is a great event that families all over Farmington and Farmington Hills watch and participate in the parade. It brings the community together with the tree lighting at the Warner Mansion and includes singing Christmas carols, lighting candles and Santa lighting up the tree for the little kids.

Mayor Steve Schneeman loves his town, and this parade was one of his favorite events thrown by the city.

“The parade creates a great family environment where the people know they are safe and makes it a great community to be involved in. The atmosphere of the teenagers and young families coming together brings out the good in Farmington,” Schneeman expressed.

This parade involved several clubs, businesses, and organizations such as LOC, Farmington Elks, and Boy Scouts Pack advertised throughout the parade.

Everyone has a part in the parade for different reasons, such as Summer Badrak, Miss Farmington, who got to ride in the back of a white convertible Mustang in a big red dress.

“Seeing and waving at the little kids who see me as a princess is very impactful in my opinion. It warmed my heart to see these little kids look up to me as kind of a public figure to them,” Badrak said.

The Christmas parade also includes the high school’s clubs and events. Students do really enjoy coming to advertise their club and walking to participate in the parade. Megan Mohr, 12, is part of the ski team and she took the experience as a good team bonding moment since the ski team is a unified team between the three high schools.

“I would love to be in the parade again because walking in it isn’t something you do often and it was a very good experience,” Mohr explained.

Any event can be improved and could be made nicer which Mayor Schneeman does agree with. He feels the need to include events to draw all ages.  

“Next year, we could add more teen-age friendly events in order to draw younger  crowds to make it enjoyable to be there with friends or family,” Schneeman emphasized.

The annual parade was followed by the tree lighting in the mansion. It really showed how great and safe Farmington is as a community.