Farmington High School talent show coming soon

Sophia Kalakailo, Staff Writer

The Farmington High School student council will host the annual talent show on Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. Auditions for the talent show are on Jan. 11 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Students must sign up by Dec. 21 if interested in auditioning. A rehearsal for those making it into the show will be on Feb. 5.

The show will begin with six to seven acts, followed by an intermission, then six to seven more acts. According to Jesse Regiec, junior student council advisor, in years past, about 20 acts auditioned for the show.

According to Hannah Hendi, junior class president, the entire student council will be in charge of those who make it into the show. This year, the student council is hoping for a variety of talents.

“We are trying to get people from many areas of talent,” said Hendi.

Members of the student council, like Namratha Bujala, 11, are encouraging students to audition.

“Try and get your friends and people you know to try out,” said Bujala.

In years prior, the audience could vote for their favorite acts using their cell phones. By the end of the show, winners chosen by the audience would be recognized, but, according to Regiec, complications from last year’s show may cause this voting to be discontinued.

In addition, there will be “M.C.s” or hosts introducing acts as there were in the past. Additionally, although this is not yet official, Hendi says they may include the F7 in the show somehow. They may make the show not only more exciting, but will hopefully help cheer on students performing.

While an official admission price has not been decided, all profit from admissions will go to the junior class. All profit from concessions will be given to the sophomore class. Attending is a great way to not only support students performing, but a way for sophomores and juniors to support their own class.

Come and support your peers at this year’s FHS talent show.