Ski team: a thrilling and unforgettable experience

Serena Keller, Staff Writer

Skiing is a very fun and exhilarating sport, and yet very few people are even aware there is a ski team at Farmington High School.

Furthermore, Farmington ski team is a winter sport. There are seven people on the team. The FHS ski team trains and races at Mt. Brighton. Practice is four times a week 2:45 p.m. to 7 p.m., including two all-weekend up north training trips, and meets are every Tuesday and Thursday starting Jan. 9.

When the FHS ski team races, the skiers race as individuals. Some drills skiers use when practicing are: thousand mile steps, picture frame, and tea pot. The skiers also practice gates and racing for when there are meets.

Anyone can join the FHS ski team as long as he or she has skied at least once before. Potential skiers do not have to have any previous racing experience. Racing will be taught when a new skier joins the team.

Additionally, every year, during freshman orientation, students can sign up and join ski team. There is a signup sheet to put your name, phone number, and email, so emails or text messages can be sent out to students and or parents about information or events coming up involving ski team.

Skiers must provide their own equipment: snow pants, racing ski gloves, face mask, layers of clothing, ski socks, goggles, helmet with guard, shin guards, poles with guards, racing ski boots, and racing skies.

Emma Young, 12, is the girls captain. When students join the team, Young tries her best to set a welcoming, encouraging, and positive environment and example. She works with both of the coaches and other captains to keep her teammates informed and aware, so everyone is on the same page. Young also sends emails and text messages out to the parents and teammates.

Skiing and racing is a fast, thrilling, and fun experience. With that said, the skiers put in hard work and effort into their skiing as well. Sometimes hard work pays off, as it did for Junior Matt Williams. One of his favorite memories on ski team was at the South Lyon Invitational, which he calls “an exciting, scary, and thrilling experience.”

In addition, current students can contact Emma Young, Matt Williams, Serena Keller, Ashley Mckibbon, Megan Mohr, Kolby Cortis, or Flora Ledermann for information or to join.