Going home for Christmas

Jake Justice, Staff Writer

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When the Christmas season starts to roll around, many people make plans to go away someplace whether it’s to spend that time with other family or to just escape. Then there are the people that decide to avoid the hustle and bustle of an airport in holiday season, and opt instead to be home and celebrate.

Now, some students are the type of people that decide to stay at home, but some are considering whether to travel this year for their holiday break, but are wondering where they would even go or where the best places to be during Christmas are.

Emma Young, 12, is one student who has traveled many times during the Christmas season.

“We have a lot of friends up north at Boyne Mountain, and we love it there. It’s always so beautiful and it feels like home.” Young said.

Traveling does sound like a nice break from the normal scenery of everyday life, but some people are unsure about if it’s a good idea. In other words what are the benefits to going out of town for holiday.

For Young, “It’s something new every year, new stories and new people and it’s more comfortable for us because most of our friends are there.”

Getting a change in scenery on a holiday break seems like a sought-after respite from the normal monotony of the everyday neighborhood that’s been all dressed up with pretty lights and such.

One of the biggest advantages of traveling is to see family that one normally wouldn’t or to go to a place that you really love being at, but some would say that one can get the same connection by staying home. Tommy Williamson, 12, would agree.

“We have family come from places all over; Virginia, Florida, Illinois. It’s always great

having them,” Williamson said.

By staying home students can still enjoy having time with their extended family by hosting a Christmas dinner or even a Christmas party.

Arlo Betly, 12, would argue that staying at home is a better idea than traveling.

“We stay home because it’s simpler and we have everything here,” said Betly. “But I think that what you should choose varies from person to person.”

I have my own personal opinion towards traveling because I live between Tennessee and Michigan, and travel home to Tennessee every year for Christmas. I believe that someone should travel if they are doing it to be with family they don’t normally see. That makes it all the more special.

However, the choice also comes down to what Christmas means to someone personally, and that varies from person to person.

For Williamson, “Christmas means spending time with family,” whereas for Betly, “Christmas is Jesus’ big b-day man. It’s just a chillin time.”

So the question that needs to be asked before deciding whether or not to travel for break is what carries most value?