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Wrestling team opens season with 1-1 record

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Wrestling team opens season with 1-1 record

Myka McClenic, Staff Writer

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Wrestling’s back again, and this year’s captains are Jake Justice, 12, Aidan Kilcline, 12,  and Jack Fowler, 11. To be a captain is to be a leader for the rest of the team, to be the one who can help when needed. They all show those characteristics; they also have dedicated their time to helping the other wrestlers.

This year, the wrestlers really pushed themselves during practice for the meet that was on Dec. 6 and meets to come after that. They all have different techniques they have to work on and get better at. Kilcline wants to have a positive record this year.

“My goal this season is to have a positive record and at least make it to states and regionals,” Kilcline said.

The Farmington wrestlers kicked off their first meet of the season on Dec. 6 at Northville High School. Farmington won against Novi but Northville beat Farmington. Farmington conquered Novi 42-41, but Northville defeated  Farmington by 19-54. Justice thought that they weren’t going to beat Novi but were going to defeat Northville.

“The meet went the way I expected it to go, the only thing that surprised me was that we had won against Novi, since they beat us last year,” Justice said.

Raymond Justice, 9, helped the wrestlers get the win against Novi by not getting pinned in his match.

Justice is a great captain and friend according to his team members. He has helped every time someone asks for guidance or if they look like they are in need of help. He knows how to never leave them behind, he knows what it takes to be a great leader and friend. He wants to bring something with the team before he leaves.

“I want to leave a lasting memory of what the team needs to do and be successful, and a work attitude,” Justice said.

Kilcline is a new captain this year who has wrestled since freshman year. Kilcline has always been a leader but never got the chance to be captain. He is a very hard worker and pushes himself to be the best he can be. He also consider himself a role model most of the time.

“When the wrestlers don’t listen to Jake, that’s when I step in and tell them. So, yes I consider myself a role model,” Kilcline said.

Fowler is also a new captain this year who shows dedication to the team. He knows what it’s like to not understand the moves, and ask for help when needed. He explained that he was going to miss his seniors friends but next year plan to work hard.

“I will miss Jake the most because since last year, I asked him for help and he really helped me out, and guided me to being a better wrestler,” said Fowler.

Sometimes the wrestlers forget that they are more than just a team.

“I feel the wrestling team is a family that can be dysfunctional or can work well together, it just depends on the people in it,” Justice said.

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Wrestling team opens season with 1-1 record