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FHS opens renovated auditorium

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FHS opens renovated auditorium

joshua segler, Staff Writer

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Farmington High School fully remodeled the auditorium, something that has been planned for over three years. The key reasons for the remodel was to integrate state of the art technology, which is what the old one simply didn’t have.

The estimated budget is $3 million. At first glance may this may seem a lot, but the school has not had a remodel since 1997, which was when all three of the Farmington schools had their auditoriums reconditioned.

Furthermore, major changes were made to the to the renovated auditorium, changes that include all state of the art technology such as LED lights, a flexible sound system, louder speakers, and a fantastic projection system.

New chairs and a cutting-edge soundboard were also installed, making it not only comfortable for the people watching the performances, but making it easier for the ones that are controlling it backstage.

Michael Steele, band director/auditorium manager, knows a new auditorium was needed, but knows it is still not yet fully complete.

“…The old one simply wasn’t functional, such as the light system that was failing … things are still being added, the debugging of systems and the correcting of installation errors,” he said.

Although there are minor improvements still being made to the auditorium, the plan is for it to be finalized in less than a year.   

A new auditorium was also needed for the ones that are performing on stage. Choirs, plays and even presentations are now more practical for the people who sing, act, and present. The old auditorium had several blown out speakers and microphones that just weren’t functional; the changes to the auditorium have now fixed that.

Lawrence Stroughter, assistant principal, explained why  an auditorium renovation was needed.

“Our students need a space for state-of-the-art technology to get the best opportunity now when working with state of the art technology later,” Stroughter said.

Two performances, a play and a band concert, have already taken place in the renovated auditorium, and both have been satisfactory. More are still to come such as future choir concerts such as the one on Dec. 20 and a band concert on March 14, and hopefully will be better than ever thanks to the refurbished auditorium.


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FHS opens renovated auditorium