Winter concert featured Farmington and middle schools

Lillian Peterson, staff writer

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The three Farmington High School orchestras, Symphony, Philharmonia, and Concert, joined with the eighth graders of Power and East on Dec. 18 for a combined concert in Farmington’s new auditorium.

The eighth graders from the two schools collaborated together to play a selection of pieces with over 72 middle schoolers participating in total. After the middle school played, the Concert Orchestra performed, then Philharmonia, and finally Symphony Orchestra closed the concert.  

Pieces played include ¨Saint Paul’s Suite¨ by Gustav Holst which includes four movements, ¨Red Rhythmico¨ by Kirt Mosier, and ¨Christmas Eve 12/24 Sarajevo.¨ The last piece features drums, electric guitar, and piano to enhance the piece and add excitement.

Some of the songs also feature soloists. Nohemi Perez-Barrados, 12, had several solos in ¨Saint Paul’s Suite¨ and ¨Red Rhythmico.¨ Perez-Barrados had done much preparation in order to deliver the best performance she can. She listed off a few of the efforts undertaken.

¨I did a lot of finger exercises, and I devoted myself to [learning] a few measures at a time,¨ Perez-Barrados said.

Perez-Barrados was most excited to perform ¨Red Rhythmico¨ because of its uniqueness.

¨It has a different overall element kind off. [It´s] not [a] typically classical sound, can be much more flexible with it, shape it to your wants. It’s more of a modern piece,” she explained.

Her advice for other soloists is to be confident.

¨[You] have to play confidently. Even if you mess up they won´t know,” Perez-Barrados said.

She hopes that her solo will inspire the younger players in the other orchestras.

Malin Andersson,12, is another soloist for the Symphony orchestra. Her favorite piece that the orchestra played is ¨Saint Paul’s Suite.¨

“[It has the] best openings to a piece that I’ve played. [There’s] consistent theme, parts distinct enough, and dynamics are amazing,” Andersson stated.

This isn’t Anderssons first solo and the preparation of previous solos helped her.

“It’s not as scary [as] I’ve preformed longer ones. This is short, more like chamber music than a solo because it’s with others,” Andersson explained.

Alice Ju, orchestra director, was excited for the concert and believed this concert was even better than the previous one.

“I feel that the students are more engaged and excited for this concert than the last. More practicing has been happening even though there was a shorter preparation period,” Ju said.

She hopes to continue on the goal of working together to create a blended sound with all three orchestras and improve cohesiveness.

Ju looked forward to the eighth graders being able to attend the high school concert and preform.

“I hope the eighth grades are able to see and feel how great it is to continue in orchestra when they enter high school. Music is such an important aspect in life and I hope that many of the eighth graders will continue with orchestra in the coming years and beyond,” Ju said.

Ju also teaches at the middle school and creates a connection with the students there that carries onto high school.

The concert featured different styles of music and sent everyone off in good holiday spirits.