FHS enjoys half-day of holiday fun

Micayla Martin, Staff Writer

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Staff and students at Farmington High School have a day packed with activities ahead of them, just in time for Christmas break.

In November, Farmington Public Schools had a competition between the three high schools: Farmington, Harrison, and North Farmington. For charity, each school tried to raise more canned goods than the other two as a part of the districts annual canned food drive. For the second year in a row, FHS won.

As a result, on Dec. 22, the day before schools let out for the holidays, Farmington will have a half-day of regular learning, followed by a half-day of fun and relaxing activities, hosted by staff. Students will sign up for the activities they would like to participate in; there will be two sessions available.

Teachers have proposed things like, yoga, movies, puzzles, and board games, among other ideas. Students have some ideas of their own. Hailey Walker, 10, recalls last year when students could buy a recess pass to go to the auxiliary gym and jump in a bounce house.

“I think it would be really fun if we could have a bouncy house again like last year during charity week,” Walker said.

Students are excited to be able to have a day to let stress dissipate after a long few months of school. They aren’t the only ones ready to relax though.

Teachers are also waiting to enjoy the day of activities.

Kim Adams, math teacher, helped to put together this event for FHS. She explained that she likes to be able to have time to talk to her students, and she hopes the kids are just as enthusiastic about getting to hang out with friends on Friday.

“It’s fun to be able to talk to kids. We just like to do stuff to get to know kids. I don’t want to be a babysitter or chaperone. I like hanging out and talking to kids,” Adams said.

“I’m doing puzzles,” Adams said. “A lot of teachers asked kids [what they would like to do], so we chose things we think they’d pick.”

It’s safe to say that everyone wants to week before break to go by fast. Adams is glad that she will be busy.

“The week goes by faster if you’re doing more. I wanna stay busy. I’m excited as long as it feels like the day goes by fast. I’m excited for break,” Adams said.

On Dec. 19, students chose the two sessions they would like to attend in the afternoon and patiently wait for Friday to come and go. The open gym and video gaming filled up the quickest.

Hopefully, the day goes smoothly for Farmington High, in the hopes that there will be more days like this to come for students to enjoy themselves.