Top 10 Christmas gifts for kids

Laila Krijestorac, Staff Writer

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Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for parents to get their Santa suits on and shop for the perfect Christmas gift for their kids.

Here are the top 10 perfect gifts for children of all ages and genders:

  1. Mattel ViewMaster VR. Kids ages 7 and up can get a virtual reality viewer which works with your smartphone. Users pop their phone into the $30 ViewMaster after installing the companion apps for a great virtual experience.
  2. SteelSeries Stratus XL. Kids ages 8 and up can have a wireless PC gaming controller that works with               Windows and Android devices.This controller can provide 40 hours of gaming on battery power, all for a        good price of $60.  
  3. iPhone 8: the new and improved phone with perfect glass design and a clear view camera, perfect for all ages. A smart and powerful smartphone with wireless charging for $699.
  4. Splash-Proof Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker: a $30 waterproof mini speakers that kids can take anywhere with no problem. The speakers have a “snap loop,” a clip that kids can clamp on their clothing for easier transportation.
  5. Unicorn Onesie, a $20 super colorful and cute onesie on the outside, with cozy polyester material that will get you through the chilly winter sleepover weekends.
  6. Parrot Mambo Quadcopter, a $100 mini drone for kids ages 10 and up, can shoot, flip, lift and drop. It’s also made with easy controls for beginners.
  7. Ombre Hair Kit, a $10 hair kit for girls ages 8 and up that has  blendable and washable hair colors. Can last all day and will only be removed when showering.
  8. Anki Overdrive Race Car Track is aimed at kids age 7 and over. Each user will require an Android   and Apple smartphone or tablet to control their sports cars. The cost is $50, very affordable for a hot new toy.
  9. Lego Dimension. The age wise ranges at 7-14. Comes with buildable Lego mini-figures and game console toy pad “portal”. The starter pack costs $80 and level packs come in at $15-30.
  10. Special Edition Uggs, comes in these colors: light green, pink and blue for $75. It’s on sale for 25 percent  off at Journey’s before Christmas.