‘Stranger Things’ loses sense of adventure in season two

Cameron Holland, Staff Writer

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Stranger Things in an American science fiction-horror series with a hint of adventure, but has this second season completely thrown the adventure out of it?

Season 1 of Stranger Things was one of Netflix’s most popular series. It got a 9/10 on IMDb, a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and more than 14 million views in its debut month. It put other Netflix shows to shame like Narcos, House of Cards, and Daredevil.

The show is primarily watched by adults 18-49. Over 11 million adults, ages 18-49, watched the season 2 opener of Stranger Things.

Even with a lot of critics saying that Stranger Things would fail due to the fact that they had an unknown cast, inexperienced writers and directors, and a bunch of kids in lead roles, I think that was the key part in the success of Stranger Things.

Season 1 of Stranger Things had a lot of adventure in it that I think a lot of adults could relate to because it was in their era and generation, and also they probably had a lot of the same experiences and stories with some of their old buddies, besides fighting off a Sci-Fi monster stealing their friends. In almost every episode the group of friends rode around on their bikes searching for adventure, and I think that’s what a lot of people who watched the show could relate to.

On the other hand this is one of the main problems with season 2 of Stranger Things. There is little to no adventure between the friends like there was in the previous season and I think that’s why the views declined towards the end of the season. The first episode of season 2 had over 15.8 million views in the first three days, and the final episode of season 2 only averaged about 4.6 million. In chapter 7 “The Lost Sister,” Eleven finds out that she’s had a long lost sister she grew up with when she was younger who also has special abilities. The whole episode was primarily about Eleven finding out more about her past and who she really is. Also in chapter 4 “Will The Wise,” Eleven found secret documents about the past experiences she went through in the lab they kept her in. In season 2 I feel like they wanted to focus more on building characters and making them stronger.

The only cause of this decline I can come up with is the lack of adventure that everyone loved in the previous season of Stranger Things was replaced in favor of this character development.