New media center open for lunch

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New media center open for lunch

Addison Walton, Staff Writer

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The recently renovated media center at Farmington High School is now open, and students are allowed to come in here during their lunches to eat, do work, and hang out.

The media center has been undergoing renovations since the end of the 2016-17 school year to the second week of October this year. While small groups had been allowed in, it was mostly closed to the school population. However, after opening up,the media aide at Farmington High, Susan Groenenboom is pleased with the results.

“I thought that if it was all brand new it would help bring students in. Now the kids are coming in here, and the kids are really loving it and the fact that the district respects them so much to give them something so beautiful,” said Groenenboom.

The media center has been provided with many new features including a cafe area with new chairs, new tables, couches, study rooms and cubby areas.

“I really like the data projector. It has amazing resolution and the sound is beautiful. As more teachers learn about it, I think a lot more teachers will bring their classes down here a lot more often,” Groenenboom said.

She went on to describe the students’ favorite part: “The students really love these glass study rooms. It’s a nice space and gives them a quiet space to study and get work done. The walls in there have been painted so they can draw and erase them without a problem. Students are doing brainstorming with their classmates and it’s just a really nice space for students to work. “

Students seems to agree with the usefulness of these new areas.  

“It’s a nice place to study and it will encourage students to come and get work done,” Lily Cromwell, 11, said.

Grace Manier, 12, also had the same thoughts.

“Teachers can come in and use the projector and whiteboard to lecture, students will come in and have a place to focus and work. It really encourages education,” said Manier.

While most love the new media center and it being open for lunch, there are a few things people would like to see.

Cromwell and Elaine Girbach, 11, both miss the old couches from last year, while Manier wishes that the cubbies had doors similar to the glass study rooms, Groenenboom says there are some holes in the wall that need to be filled, but all are in love with the new look.