New teachers arrive at Farmington High

Laila Krijestorac, Staff Writer

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This year, new teachers joined the faculty of Farmington High School.

Not all students know every teacher joining the school. The following new teachers are: Alice Ju, orchestra teacher, Susan Milenkovich, English teacher, and Joan Burgess, special education teacher.

Ju explained how she enjoyed  her first day of teaching in the building.

“It was great to finally be able to be in the building and to see all students. Everyone was welcoming and getting to know the students has been wonderful,” Ju said.

Ju mentioned why she choose to work at FHS instead of any other schools in the district.

“I had heard about the way the community supports the Performing Arts and it really appealed to me. The collaboration throughout the district is one of the most influential reasons for working here,” Ju added.

Some teachers didn’t have the choice to work at specific schools; they were placed here because of required openings.

Milenkovich, taught at Harrison High School for a while before transitioning to FHS.  

“I didn’t have a choice, they just put me where there was an opening, but I was happy to be here because the student and staff population is kind of what I was used to after being at Harrison for so long,” Milenkovich said.

Milenkovich encourages creativity for her students in order for them to progress in their learning.

“I try to encourage kids to be themselves and to feel comfortable by giving opportunities or choices on what they’re reading and writing. Whatever is on a student’s mind, I can do my best to turn it into a lesson in class,” Milenkovich added.

Giving students the opportunity to improve their knowledge is a way to help students to be more independent.

Burgess, discussed how she prepares her students until they’re ready to go off on their own.

“I work one-on-one with my students to make sure they have what they need and I take the time to listen to them if they want to vent into anything else they need to tell me. And I give them advice if they are struggling with anything,” Burgess said.

Burgess’s experiences at work gave her a better connection with the teachers and students in the building.

“We have many dedicated teachers; I care a lot about their students and we have a very fun and respectful student body. And this school’s atmosphere puts me in a good mood every single day,” Burgess added.

If students want to know more about the new teachers at FHS, they can go visit each of their classrooms: Burgess’s class is in room 212, Milenkovich’s class is in room 203, and Ju’s class is in room 301.