Lights, camera, action: FHS theater prepares for fall play ‘Exit the Body’

Jake Justice, Staff Writer

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There have been many necessary adjustments to be prepared for the upcoming Farmington High School play, but all of the cast members are doing what they can to make sure it goes smoothly. With a new crop of theater students coming in, finding who will fit into what role is one among many jobs for the new cast so that they can be prepared for their first show on Dec. 1 and 2.

The play, called Exit the Body, is a comedy/mystery set in the 60’s and will be the first trial by fire for the new crew. However, this doesn’t mean that they are going to be crushed by the pressure.

“The cast is made up of perfectionists, so they are all doing what they can to prepare,” said Carrie. Ray, theater teacher and play director.

Everyone is doing their part, no matter what their job is. Grace Manier, 12, who is playing the role of Kate Bixley (the main character’s secretary), described exactly how the cast has been preparing.

“We go to rehearsals three to four days a week, we review our lines, and the past experience helps, too,” Manier said.

Malin Andersson, 12, who plays the role of a shady maid called Jenny, also has her own ways of practicing.

“I go to rehearsals and take a few risks. I try new ways of saying lines and performing actions and see which one works best,” Andersson said.

With all the practicing and rehearsing, the big thing to look forward to is how the performance will go inside the new auditorium. Equipped with a new sound system, a new stage, and great lighting, many are curious to see how all these emerging factors will affect the display on stage.

“I’m looking forward to the new auditorium. It’s going to be fun and scary because it’s all new and we have to work in all these new factors for a good performance,” said Ray.

Many of the students are looking forward to using the improved auditorium whether it’s for band, orchestra, or theater.

With all the students preparing for this first trial, some word has been spread of the play and its appearance and many are looking forward to it, most being fellow students, friends of the cast, or just the family members of the students acting in the play. The cast hopes for a big turn out to see them blow the play out of the water. Tickets are still available at the door on opening night.