Students, staff share Thanksgiving Break plans

Myka McClenic, Staff Writer

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Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together and eat delicious meals. Everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving break; they like to be out of school and not worry about homework or school.

This year, there are different websites to help people figure out the best times and the worst times to travel whether it’s by airplane or by car, such as It’s a good resource to use when thinking about traveling especially during the holidays.

Speaking of traveling, Thomas Shelton,principal, shares his Thanksgiving plans regarding traveling.

“We go down to my wife’s family; we haven’t had family members come to us,” Shelton said.

Even though some people prefer to go down to see families in different states, Victoria Govantes,12,decided to stay home and have her family members come to her.

Also, even though turkey is the main dish at the table, in the Govantes family their tradition is ham.

“The tradition in our house is ham because we feel like turkey is very dry and doesn’t taste that good, but ham is moist and very delicious,” Govantes said.

Enough about food. We all have that one person at the table who just can’t control themselves and always make people laugh and then there are the people who are not as funny.

“In my house my brother Solomon is the funniest person. He always knows how to lighten the mood, but my grandma, she tries too hard so things are corny and not funny,” Govantes said.

Things are a little different in senior Kristen Reed’s house;  it’s whoever is in the mood to tell a joke. They also have the tradition of watching football.

“We all sit down and eat some food while watching the big football game,” Reed said.

Thanksgiving break gives students a time to relax and not think about school or anything.