FHS wins district canned-food drive

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FHS wins district canned-food drive

Meredith Abramczyk, Staff Writer

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The annual canned food drive concluded on Nov. 17. This year, FHS was trying to raise 2,500 cans to beat out last year’s 2,000. For the second year in a row, we beat North and Harrison with over 10,000 cans.

With the can drive going on, the school was full of incentives. Because FHS raised more than North and Harrison, then on the last day before winter break, we will have a half day schedule and fun activities in the afternoon.

Along with the school-wide incentive, most teachers in the school provided incentives for the class that has brought in the most cans. The library also had an incentive.

Some incentives included free late passes for Lynn Burger’s history class, free bagels or partner quiz for Tom Evasic’s honors algebra 2 classes, and free books from the library.

According to Evasic, there were many reasons for choosing these incentives.

¨I based it on past competitions in the school and based on if those students were responsive to the incentives,” Evasic said.

Though many teachers had incentives, some argued that we shouldn’t need them, but they agree that we need them to get a better result.

“Students shouldn’t need an incentive, but without an incentive, we wouldn’t get as many cans. Students have been conditioned to seek an incentive,” Evasic said.

Burger agreed.

“It’s a part of the way society is right now and how everyone wants something,” Burger said.

On the other hand, though, some people think incentives benefit us.

¨I don’t  think incentives hurt because, as you get older, you understand not having enough money, but kids haven’t had those experiences yet,¨ Susan Groenenboom, media aide, said.

Not only did the students have competitions in their classes, the teachers were also been put on teams to try to raise the most cans before the can drive ended on Nov. 17.