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New leaders equals new rules in lunchroom

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New leaders equals new rules in lunchroom

Joseph Phillips, Staff Writer

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It all started because of last year’s conditions in the cafe area. The outside of the lunchroom would be a mess, and kids would roam the halls, and incidents would occur that staff was not aware of because there was no supervision of the students who would leave.

A new move to keep all students in the lunchroom was made by principal Tom Shelton and his team. Students who want to leave need a pass and are no longer able to eat in the hallways or otherwise leave the cafeteria early. Furthermore, students are no longer allowed to bring outside food in after outside activities, such as returning from OSTC.

“There are many reasons for the changes but mainly it was our limited staff; we needed to keep everyone in one place. We have enough room to keep everyone in the cafeteria so it just made sense,”  said Shelton.

The lunches are now running more smoothly, and the cafe area is clean after lunch. Therefore, students now have the choice of going to the media center as renovations there are now completed.

¨At some point, we want to open up the courtyard area for students to eat but we are still working on that,¨ said Shelton.

Administration has made it clear that these conditions are not permanent, as new areas are becoming available.

To further keep lunches orderly, Farmington has acquired a new hall monitor, Lydia.  Lydia was brought over from Harrison after serving 15 years as their hall monitor, and she says these new lunchroom rules are not new to her at all. She actually likes the policy because she thinks it ensures the safety of the students.

“I think it’s for the best to have this policy,”  said Lydia.

Tyrone Weeks, assistant principal, was pretty involved with implementing this policy and ensuring proper guidelines were going to be followed.

“I’ve worked in big schools before so I know what guidelines need to be followed to ensure safety and I support the policy but also support talking to students so they can be heard, too,” said Weeks.

As Farmington continues to search for more supervision during lunches, these rules are set to stay in place for the time being.

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New leaders equals new rules in lunchroom