Lady Falcons come out on top in volleyball leagues

Emily Pace, Staff Writer

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As the Lady Falcons’ volleyball season comes to an end, they are coming out first in their league with great district results and multiple trophies.

The  varsity volleyball team was quite strong this year, consisting of four seniors, five  juniors, three sophomores, and one freshman.

The team got off to a rocky start during their first tournament at Schoolcraft, but after that the team succeeded tremendously.

They were strong in all their league matches and ended up first in the all-blue league with the record of 6-0.

Courtney Szymkowski, senior varsity captain, described the season

“It was full of win and good times the work we put in really paid off,” said Szymkowski.The girls practiced hard every day in practice doing various of drills to continue their undefeated streak and to work hard in their tournament they had every Saturday.

Senior Zoe Guthrie was a real team player that brought a lot to the team to make them bond.

“Being a team is more than just being at practice and on the court together. This year we had a lot of team bonding moments outside of school which I thought was super important and made us play well. I’ve never been so close with a team before,” Guthrie said.

The girls had multiple team bondings such as sleep overs, lake days, and baking outings which brought the team closer as friends.

Sophomore Sydney Eggleston also agrees with Guthrie, saying that the team bond was amazing.

“We always kept each other on the court and included everyone in the play and on the bench,” Eggleston said.

Szymkowski and Guthrie both agree that their biggest accomplishment was winning first in silver at the Mount Morris volleyball tournament and bringing home a new big trophy for their showcase. They are also very proud of being second  in districts.  

As the league season ended, and they prepared for districts, the Lady Falcons were at their peak of greatness before they played Birmingham Groves in their first round of districts in early November.

“We earned our win against Groves,” Guthrie said.

The Lady Falcons took the win in four sets againsts Groves, losing the first set then coming back to win the next three.

With their happy victory then went on to play Mercy on Friday of the week.

They went into that game with their heads high but didn’t have their best game.

The  season ended with a loss against Mercy, making Farmington second in the district. But the girls are still proud of all the accomplishments that came with the season.

“The team was family and I’m super impressed with our season. Sad it had to come to an end,”  Szymkowski said.