Chris Browns hopes to reinvigorate career with new album

Andre Thompson, Staff Writer

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Halloween was a dark and cold night this year, but it also gave the world a 45-track album from award-winning R&B superstar, Chris Brown. The “Privacy” singer made the announcement about the album on his Instagram back in May by revealing the tracklist for the double album.

The album will be his first album in two years after his previous album underperformed. Statistics show that the 28-year-old artist’s record sales haven’t been as high as they once were ever since Brown got in a domestic dispute with his then-girlfriend, R&B/ Ppop singer Rihanna. It exemplifies that Brown was once receiving two million record sales  and getting number one songs on the Hot 100 on Billboard.

After the controversial altercation occurred, his sales went in a gigantic decrease, only selling 362,000 copies from his third album which was 10 months after the the highly-publicized situation.  With his resurgence back to the music scene in 2010, Brown’s goal was to not only get “TeamBreezy” back, but to show people why he is the King of R&B in this generation.  With 89 awards and 249 nominations, Brown is one of the most nominated R&B singers of all time.  

The album went on to earn him his first Grammy award and go 2x platinum once again. Now with this album, he’s off on a “rollercoaster”of sales once again, making this album another opportunity to see if Brown still has the charisma or if his decade-long career will come to a close.  

Before the album, Brown was arrested multiple times and involved with messy breakups with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. To address these issues, he went to his Instagram Live to talk to fans about the issues presented at each moment. When the album finally released, my reaction was that all the music sounded the same but really go through his entire career by using the tones from the albums before Heartbreak. The best songs are “Hurt the Same,” which discusses the controversy with his ex, and “To My Bed” which is vintage Brown – music about his party habits.

Due to the album releasing on the beginning of the tracking weeks, Heartbreak on a Full Moon has the chance to compete for the 2019 Grammys and to get number ones on the charts on Billboard. With the high promotion rate on Brown’s social media – posting pictures of fans buying the album and pictures that are included with it – his promotional delivery is in the correct rate for him to not only sell a lot of records but win awards for a amazing double album by one of the best singers of this generation.