More appealing after school clubs need to be added

Joshua Segler, Staff Writer

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Farmington High School has significantly fewer clubs that students find enjoyable, opposed to other schools such as North Farmington and Stevenson, who have clubs that are enjoyable and more appealing to students.

Although Farmington has clubs that help out the school and community, such as S.A.D.D. and R.E.A.CH., Farmington lacks clubs that are more geared toward the more enjoyable side of life. In fact, when students were asked if they enjoyed after school clubs, 81 percent of students say that they are dissatisfied with the current clubs.

Furthermore, Farmington, unlike other schools, lacks clubs that promotes others’ ethnicities. Sixteen percent of students say that a club they would want to be added is one pertaining to sharing their ethnicity, and being able to hear others.

Even though there are many clubs at Farmington, we still lack traditional clubs, like book clubs or chess clubs . Fifteen percent of students say that they would want these traditional clubs added.

Other high schools such as Harrison, Franklin, and Rochester Adams have traditional clubs, and have more enjoyable ones, too; however, these schools have significantly fewer clubs. Farmington could do this same thing to save money, while still adding more clubs that kids enjoy and getting rid of inactive clubs.

While Farmington has a lot of clubs, some are inactive, such as the Gaming Club. Also, clubs such as the Disney Club does not get promoted enough, so many students don’t know about it. Farmington should actively promote these clubs more. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of students don’t even participate in any after school clubs at all.

As the statistics from students about current clubs at Farmington show, some after school clubs may not appeal to students whatsoever. As it happens, 40 percent of students suggested a movie club to be added, and that they would even join a club if it was made.

Adding additional clubs is important because some students do not participate in sports, so they expect the school to have a wide variety of clubs that fit their criteria.

In order to produce a better experience at school and after school for everyone, FHS should offer additional clubs that are more alluring to students.