Farmington STEAM Academy should discontinue lottery system

Sophia Kalakailo, Staff Writer

The Farmington STEAM Academy offers many new opportunities to students, but, continuing Highmeadow’s legacy, only to students selected from a random lottery.

Having a lottery school within Farmington Public Schools has not only continued, but an increase of time and effort has been put into this lottery school.

The lottery system is general lottery with sibling preference offered. It took place on Feb. 9, 2017 with approximately 300 slots available. The number of slots vary with specific grade levels.

Although the STEAM Academy is a lottery school, it is still a public school, meaning it is funded by taxpayer dollars. One may argue that this money is still going to the education of children, but it is going towards a school that does not offer opportunities to every child. It is a public school, yet not very public.

A lottery system not only discludes students – it discludes or includes them for no specific reason. A student without any special reason or without paying tuition should not be offered new opportunities while some students under the same circumstances is not. Although it is agreeable that children deserve new opportunities, a lottery system is not the way to give new opportunities. New and innovative opportunities should have been offered across every school in FPS.

A lottery system entertains the notion that luck can give new opportunities as opposed to work. While this is sometimes true in life, it is the opposite of what schools should attempt to teach. Schools teach that work, not luck, produces results. A lottery system goes against this statement.

The STEAM Academy should not continue to have a lottery system. A lottery system preaches principles that public schools should not encourage. Public schools should stay public. Excluding children goes against the very principles public schools were built upon.