Art program at FHS deserves recognition, additional teacher

Serena Keller, Staff Writer


This year at FHS, one teacher, Nina Weis, is running the art program, teaching nine different classes this year alone.

Weis is teaching advanced ceramics, two ceramics 1 classes, advanced drawing and painting, and an intro to art class all in only one semester. While Weis enjoys teaching all of those different classes, it still can be stressful and overwhelming.

Weis wants to be able to teach as many art classes as she can because she wants all those classes to be available for students, especially students who want to pursue a career in art. Nevertheless, all of these classes shouldn’t be assigned to one teacher. If there were two teachers running the art program, two times as many classes would run per semester and the art classes wouldn’t all be set on one teacher.

As one of her students, I have found Weis to be one of the most dedicated and caring teachers. Being in her class has taught and helped me a lot to express myself through art. For some people, especially teenagers, art is a meaningful way to express, communicate, and learn on so many levels.

In Weis’s class, students are free to express themselves through drawing, painting, molding(clay), imagery and many other ways.

Furthermore, people tend to look past the fact that the arts are very important especially to the young developing minds. The arts help in numerous aspects of learning, social skills, and personal expression.

In some people’s eyes academics may be seen as more important than an art class; however, according to the article, “10 Reasons Why Arts in Education is So Important for Kids,” by Lauren Martin, a lot of people who regularly participate in the arts are known to be four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. Studies also show that the arts strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills. The arts allow students to express themselves better than an academic class can, like for example a math or science class.  

Moreover, other academic and elective programs have at least three or more teachers, except for the art program. In addition, according to the master schedule, the World Language department has three different languages students can take, and four out of the five different teachers teach at least one Spanish class. Yet Weis is the only teacher for the whole art department, and has to teach nine different classes.

Furthermore, imagine a kid at school who was shy and quiet, or didn’t really know how to communicate or express oneself easily. One way someone can express themselves is through artwork and creativity; with creativity, a person can be more open minded and think more outside of the box. People can use the skills they learn in art class in other aspects of learning like math, English, and science.

Having the choice to take an art class at FHS or at any school is important. Having those classes gives kids a chance to learn and express themselves on a different level. FHS should hire another art teacher to run the art program with Weis.