Communication Camp leaders offer tips for fellow students attending camp

Hailee Ryan, Staff Writer

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Communication Camp leaders help with the experience of others attending communication camp. Two communication camp leaders are seniors Ryan Donoghue and Noni Hamilton who attended communication camp last year. One of the coordinators for Communication Camp is English teacher Jennifer Deledda.

Donoghue said before attending camp he was shy and not very social and kept to himself, but at the end of his experience, he said he became less shy and more social. He said that more opportunities should be open for students to have the same experience but there was a good number of students who attended.                       

“My mindset was improved by others and changed my view,” said Donoghue.

He mentioned that when they got to camp, the students jumped right into expressing themselves and split into groups. They didn’t ease into any topics or start in small conversations; they just all opened up as a whole.

Hamilton said that attending the camp changed her perspective and her outlook on people. The advice she gave to students was that they should attend and be comfortable about being open and letting things out and listening to others. Hamilton said she wanted to be a leader to help people open up emotional doors for themselves.

“It was very eye opening for me seeing different perspectives,” said Hamilton. She mentioned how it made her a better person, and she stepped in other people’s shoes to view their life.

“Camp affects students in different ways. Most students came back with a different outlook and they engage more in school and positive behavior,” said Deledda. “For some students, the change is short lived and for others it impacts them long-term.”

She said students tend to be more social with others in their group after attending communication camp. Deledda said this changed her as a teacher; it made her see students as more than just students.

I see them as whole people with lives and issues beyond this building. I have become more empathetic as a teacher,” said Deledda. She said to try to leave high school without  regrets.She looks through student’s eyes now and to see their potential and perspective on things.

“You will regret the things you do not try,” said Deledda.  

The other three communication camp leaders are Emma Young, Claudia Kramer, and Brendan Allen.