Freshmen reflect on first year at FHS

Azelia Soffia, Staff Writer

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Every kid goes through changes, big or small, and are impacted in various ways. Like moving towns, getting a haircut, and meeting new people. But the start  for a freshman going into high school is one of the biggest switch that will affect a teenager.

The transition for a highschooler always varies. Some say it is easy; some say it was difficult. But what we don’t know is if freshmen actually like the transition, the people, the classes, or high school in general. What really happens in a year of a freshman?

“There hasn’t really been a favorite memory or part so far; spring breaks are what I like,” said Lauren Wells, 9. “Leaving school is the part I look forward to.”

Wells did not have a hard time transitioning into high school but does not like necessarily like it.

“It was different, better than middle school,” Wells said.

Not all freshman are excited for the year. Not all freshman are ready for the big change or even see a change from moving schools or coming to a school with many kids. Wells didn’t seem to have a hard time, but she did not seem to think it was easy.

“My favorite part of the year was the beginning. Just experiencing it,” said Josh Segler, 9. “Being able to connect with other people who I haven’t been able to connect with before was good.”

Segler’s transition wasn’t too hard for him, but it was a real change.

“My favorite part of the year was probably the beginning; all the new faces, old faces, meeting new people,” said Arthur Walton, 9. “Winning the City Meet Dick Cook Trophy was the best.”

Walton’s transition was different. He expected more, but the changing of schools and new people was okay.

“The people aren’t the same either, you just accept the change,” Walton said.

There’s always a teacher who impacts a student, or a teacher that a student really enjoyed. The ones that really made a difference. Wells cited Dwyer, as being an impactful teacher. Segler and Walton both cited McGregor as a teacher who has made this transition easier.

All three people had different opinions. Wells, Segler, and Walton all seemed to have a good year, and a good transition, and met new people. Overall, these freshman had an easy and nice transition into high school and seem to be doing well throughout the year.