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Students speak out on ‘wish-list’ high school curriculum

Alyssa Satterfield, Staff Writer

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Many students feel that adding additional classes to the 2017-18 curriculum would be a great way to involve the student body. Teachers and counselors have been involved as well, getting a glimpse of what classes the students would like to see stay and added.   

Emily Chojnacki, 9, would like a mix of fun and school.

“A theatre class and a study hall would be fun and educational,” said Chojnacki.

While FHS currently has an acting class, a true theatre course could be fun and would offer different elements that students could learn about.

Students are also interested in classes that prepare them for industry-level jobs.

“A fashion design class, also a veterinarian class would be a highly attended class,” said Megan Cromwell, 9.

Senior Viktor Dedvukaj also explained that “bringing back the teen-issues discussion class would help students talk about current events and also a video game class.” This would really get kids talking and discussing as a whole.

Devin Hill, 9, wants to see more fitness-based classes.

“I think there should be a sports training class along with discussions about sports for students who are really interested,” Hill said.  

Furthermore, Morgan Betts, 9, would “love to see a book club, film class and a driver’s ed classes.”  Several students mentioned taking a cosmetology class would be a great starter to a career.  

Betts feels like the current menu of courses doesn’t totally serve every student’s interests.

“They’re alright, not much choice because of the required classes,” Betts said.

On the other hand, Lauren Baumgartel, 9, says, “AP Bio is a class that is important and I think should stay to push students learning strengths further. Earth science should be taken out because it’s required, but it has no part in my career.”
In conclusion, Stacey Rosol, counselor says, “All required classes are assigned by the Michigan Merit Curriculum.” She believes that this is a “push to have students college ready.”

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Students speak out on ‘wish-list’ high school curriculum