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Tips to jump-start your summer shape-up

Abbegale Jones, Staff Writer

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Summer is right around the corner. Fantastic, right? It may be time to start thinking about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being fit isn’t only about working out; it’s about eating right too. Starting off your day with a healthy breakfast will get your body refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. Many teens during the summer stress about their bodies and the lack of exercise. Well now you can get an early leap into your summer diet. There are many things you can do to stay fit. Some you may want to look into are right ahead:

  1. Everyone loves the occasional binge eating night with movies, pizza and breadsticks, but instead of cramming your face, try to veer away from eating too much at once. Eating too much at once can make you sleepy or have a lack of desire to do things.
  2. Stay tuned to the outside; you can get your vitamins from the sun and your veggies from the garden! Taking a stroll around your neighborhood is a little way to get a little exercise every day.
  3. Try eating healthier, cutting out pops or certain things that you know are bad for you but you don’t want to admit. Soda is delicious but extremely bad for your teeth and body. When trying to stay hydrated, choose water first.
  4. Play around with your friends! Good ol’ basketball in the street or catch in the yard, just staying physically active is another good way to stay fit during the summer.
  5. For those of you who like to jog, try getting outside for a jog a day. It’s a good way of waking up and starting your day.

Staying fit during the summer not only makes you feel better about yourself but makes your body happy as well. When your bones are getting the vitamins they need, you feel more motivation to continue going out and exercising every day.

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Tips to jump-start your summer shape-up