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Class of 2017 leaves lasting imprint on fellow classmates

Maddy Englesman, Staff Writer

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While the end of the school year for seniors is right around the corner, the impact of this class on FHS and the other students is long lasting.

Seniors’ time in high school is quickly coming to an end. While the seniors prepare for their final goodbyes, underclassman take this opportunity to reflect on the impact that these seniors have had on their lives.

Abbey Smentowski, 11, talked about Hannah Nelson, 12. Smentowski and Nelson met when they played field hockey together in 2015, and have played lacrosse together ever since. Smentowski described how Nelson has impacted her over their three years together in high school.

“She has inspired me to be a better person with how genuine of a person she is and how nice she is,” Smentowski said.

Anyah Lewis, 10, reflected on Marquitta Washington, 12, who she knew in middle school, but reconnected with in high school. Lewis described how Washington’s supportive nature had helped her throughout their time in high school.

“She’s just real. She is honest and willing to help you. She always makes herself available,” said Lewis.

Similarly to Lewis, Kennedy Micheaux, 9, could not help but speak of Washington as well and how this senior helped her with her transition from middle school to high school.

“She’s really cool, like if I need help with something she would tell me without sugar coating it or anything,” Micheaux said.

Robyn Banks, 11, shared that she and Danielle Petras, 12, became close on the varsity softball team, but ended up being great friends outside of the sport. Banks mentioned how Petras, who is only one year older than her, has been a constant friend to her.

“She’s always there for me. She’s a very caring person,” said Banks.

Like Lewis, Micheaux highlighted how Washington had always been a friend that she could talk to despite their grade difference.

“I know that I always have an upperclassman to talk to,” Micheaux said.

Banks, Lewis, and Micheaux all agreed that these seniors would move on to do great things in the future. Banks went on later to say that high school would not be the same without Petras, but she wished her the best of luck in the future.

Good luck to her, but I don’t know how I’m going to survive high school without her,” Banks said.

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Class of 2017 leaves lasting imprint on fellow classmates