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Farmington High’s annual “Water Wars” causes pandemonium

Jared Anderson, Staff Writer

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At many school districts there is an event called water wars. It features the students from the senior class going up against each other playing an elimination game that involves them trying to get other teams out by attacking them with water products, such as water guns, water balloons, and cups filled with water.

Farmington hosts this competition just like other school districts, and there has been a lot of tension between teams that involves friends turning against each other. There’s a strategy to this event that a lot of students participating in this event use, and that is that they have to outsmart their opponent.

Usually you might call your friend to go somewhere or to hang out, but now that all just falls into the strategy. If you have a friend on the opposite team, now you can use that to your advantage. That’s what many seniors did with their friends, including Mico Love, a senior at Farmington High School.

“You had to do that to win, or you could just wait for them to lose their guard but that takes too long,” Love stated.

That wasn’t very surprising to find out, given that it would be a lot harder to find someone by their house or where they might be rather than just set them up. But some students have used the element of surprise. Tyrell Jackson, 12, stated that “ I waited in the bushes after school and then caught people walking on the sidewalk and then came out and got them with my (water) gun.”

A lot of the students have their own strategy when it comes to water wars. Some students are more direct than others in their approach to try and eliminate people from other teams. Darrian Johnson, 12, got into a chase on the road all because of water wars; when asked about it, he stated that “sometimes it’s like that, it gets serious.” Johnson later on would later on be shortly hospitalized for injuries he suffered during an attempt to get an opposing team member out.
As you can see water wars isn’t necessarily all fun and games all the time. Many of these students will do any means necessary and go to extreme measures to try and get people from the opposing team out. But at the end of the day it’s a fun activity for the senior class to go out on even though it may get a little extreme.

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Farmington High’s annual “Water Wars” causes pandemonium