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Put down your phones, please

Pierce Hare, Staff Writer

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The topic of phones in school will always be a hot topic. Are they useful to instruction or a real distraction that takes away from class time?

I know personally going from no phones in middle school being a school-wide policy to a free for all in high school was a big change. I took advantage of the newfound freedom and went crazy with social media, texting, and watching tv once I got to Farmington High School.

But the real question is, do policies that punish students for having their phones out help students learn better in the classroom?

Bridget Gormely, 11, says that, “It’s up to a student to take responsibility and care about their education and put their phones away when it isn’t appropriate.”

Seeing an irresistible notification from your favorite celebrity on Instagram or drama in group chats are often the reason students get their phones taken away. However, in the future your job will rarely allow you to scroll through your phone whenever you feel like it. High school is only a taste of what could happen in the real world if you’re caught scrolling through Twitter when you should be hard at work.

Jennifer Deledda, English teacher, says, “It’s even an problem for staff during meetings because people won’t hear everything we say. Phones are distracting for adults too, and we use social media, also.”

In most classes, it is up to the teacher to create a phone policy. Most teachers are fairly lenient and let students have their phone out when they aren’t teaching. A solution to the problem would be for teachers to offer points for using their phones responsibly or teach students to use their phones wisely at a young age.
The distraction of phones affects us all; seeing people texting and driving or not paying attention to where they’re walking is a serious problem. The smartphone is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century that positively impacts all of our lives, but they’re meant for smart responsible use, not a reason to be distracted in class or fired at your job. If students are not able to use their phones responsibly during school, they need to have self control and put them away.

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Put down your phones, please