The Blue and White

Graduation is a time for self-expression

Jazlyn Sparks, Staff Writer

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Recently, a letter was sent out to parents and graduates regarding the graduation dress code. I believe seniors should have the privilege to wear what they would like under their gowns as long as it is appropriate. Telling ladies what color to wear is a little  bit of a stretch because I believe it is the last day for seniors to showcase their individuality so they should be allowed to choose what they want to wear. In the letter it says we are “asked” to wear light-colored blouse, tops, or dresses under their gowns. But what is the point of telling  seniors what colors to wear anyway?  The gentlemen have more an easier dress code because their gowns are blue, but girls have it much harder because they wear white.

This is the seniors’ last chance to express themselves. The color of what they are wearing under their gowns should not be the focus of the night, the actual ceremony should be.

While in school, we were taught to fight for what we believe in and not to be afraid to express ourselves, and this should be our time to be able to do so. I think that since the senior ladies will have various color dresses, they should wear the blue gowns opposed to white since the gentlemen only have plain button ups and ties.

I understand everything else the letter says but I feel as if the dress code is a little too strict. In college, I don’t see graduates being told what colors to wear or even what color shoes to wear. It should not be dependent on the staff’s opinion on what looks nice on the seniors, it should be what they want to wear. It might not be such a big deal to the staff, but it is to the some girls who I’ve talked with.
I highly doubt that the senior graduating class, girls in particular, are going to go by the light color scheme that was suggested to them. Administration already said no to decorating caps because this is seniors last time to be “one”as a class, so  at least let us wear the formal attire we choose at graduation.

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Graduation is a time for self-expression