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Some seniors displeased with Water Wars officiating

Arjun Ghimire, Staff Writer

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Water wars is a tradition at Farmington High School which takes place as the seniors’ last year comes to an end. Because it is not a school-sanctioned game, the rules are hazy which can cause some controversy. 

This year specifically, students have started to take things too far which results in some students quitting or selling their wrist bands for money.

James Kirby, 12, was frustrated with the game due to an incident that occurred in his driveway when he saw a couple of students jumping on his car.

“When they started getting on my property, that’s when stuff got serious for me. I was furious after the fact because my dad ended up taking my car away from me because he said I wasn’t responsible for my property,” Kirby stated.

He suggested that rules should be improved in order to stop these kinds of things from happening and keep everything safe.

“There should be more rules and stricter officiating to make sure each band was secured the right way and no cheating is involved,” Kirby added.

Kirby also seemed displeased with the judge’s efforts.

“To me, the judges have to do a better job of officiating and making sure that everything happening falls in place in the rules and nothing illegal is happening,” he said.

For Kirby, he says that more judges would allow for less controversy and more fun. He also added how the incident has made him question his friendship with those involved.

“I mean, yeah, it does make you question friendships. Especially when that person continues to insist that he wasn’t in the wrong. But, you know, it’s all in the past now and hopefully we can get over it and become buds again,” he said.

Substitute teacher, Mrs. Rowden, noticed that it has been a distraction for students as they were more focused on planning how to get other teams out instead of working on their final projects.

“Students were going crazy using the whole hour just to strategize and I gotta say, it was really frustrating to see them waste their time and I wish they would use it more wisely and for the right things,” she said.
The lack of attention to the rules has prompted some students to give up and sell their wristbands. Many participants also agreed that North Farmington’s water wars was much more fun because it was tournament style.

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Some seniors displeased with Water Wars officiating