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Review: ’13 Reasons Why” is a must-watch

Azelia Soffia, Staff Writer

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One suicide, thirteen tapes, and one girl. Bullying happens in every high school, but what can happen if it goes too far?

A new show on Netflix called 13 Reasons Why was released on March 31. The show is about a 17-year-old girl named Hannah Baker, who takes her life. As her high school career takes off, she cannot get a grasp on anything for very long. When she ends her life, it takes many by surprise, including thirteen others Hannah left tapes for, a tape for each person who made her feel as if it was the end for her.

Every episode in this series is a tape made by Hannah, explaining why she died. The show really hits home, and I believe I’m not the only one who thinks that. I know many people that need to see this to understand what happens in real life to young men and women. This show, in my opinion, is a must watch – a show for all ages that gives a look into the mind of someone who is going through the trouble and needing the help is the type of thing a human needs to see so they can understand and ultimately be able to help when someone around them goes through something like this.

As the episodes proceed, you get also deeper look inside the head of Clay Jensen, a boy whom Hannah befriended and loved.

I think the show was wonderful and beautifully written. I know the ropes with this sort of deal and I believe it explains what really happens, to people around an individual who is hurting or is gone, very well. This Netflix series has shown loss and love in a perfect way.

Some FHS students are fans of the show as well.

“Emotional show. It really shows how something so small, a picture or a sentence, can change a person’s world so deeply,” said Jonathan Slappey, 9. “If she never made those tapes, nobody would have known why she did what she did. Nobody just knows that bullying is going on. Harassment and bullying goes on a lot, popular or not, and it affects people in different ways.”

Hannah Baker did not have a good life like many did, but she did not have a bad life. She snapped after all of the bullying and pain she went through.

“As it slowly goes into the episodes, it never directly says, but it slowly makes it seem like Clay has a mental disorder,” said Lily Tyler, 9. “She thought he didn’t care, which was a really good example of how girls over-think lots of things.”

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Review: ’13 Reasons Why” is a must-watch