Elective classes push students towards success

Azuare Singleton-Moton, Editor

We are slowly losing so many elective classes due to underfunding and not many people signing up anymore. Elective classes help students be more prepared for life after high school. They also help students in many different ways with each elective having a different benefit.

Rising School is a website for a non-profit charter school in Arizona; a blog post on their website titled “The Benefits of Electives and Extracurricular Activities” stated, “Through electives and extracurriculars, or activities outside of the realm of the academic curriculum, children and teens are afforded an opportunity to discover new interests, make new friends, learn important life lessons such as time management and commitment, and so much more.”

This gives students the opportunity to branch out and try different classes to help decide what they want to do when they graduate. Rather than just math, English, science, or history classes, electives help push students towards what field they want to go into.

Heather Wolpert-Gawron, a writer for George Lupus Educational Foundation stated, “Elective programs can play a large role in our schools’ goals in preparing our students for college and career. Being able to select classes reflects the same process that they will see again in college.”

There are many electives at our school that are for specific careers: journalism, creative writing, engineering, and med skills. These electives could help a student figure out what they don’t like to do. By giving students the opportunity to pick their electives it gives them a taste of what college will be like when they have to pick their the whole schedule.

Colleges are looking for students that are well-rounded; they want to see that you not only excel in core classes but that you branched out, that you tried different style classes that you can excel in as well.

Public School Review writer Grace Chen reports, “As the demands and requirements for high school students are shifted towards core classes, such as English, Math, and science, high schools across the country are losing money and funds for elective courses. As a result, programs in the arts, music, and other creative realms are dwindling. This not only stimulates a loss of opportunities for students.”

Think about all the benefits of elective classes that will be lost. With so many different types of elective classes they offer so many different benefits. Music helps relieve stress, art teaches empathy and creativity, first aid teaches crucial skills, Journalism helps develop communications skills, and Humanities gives you a different look at life.

In the end, elective classes offer so much to high school students. Students should fight to keep their electives.