Falcons and Hawks prepare for transition day


Lynn Burger and two student members of the transition team, Zach Gray and Aniyah Stokes, make final touches to the transition day plan two days before the event.

Jordyn Wilcox, Staff Writer

The doors of Harrison may be closing but the doors of Farmington will be opening for the incoming Harrison students. The long awaited Transition Day, when Harrison students spend the day at Farmington High, is set to take place on May 3.

The main goal of Transition Day is to build a new high school culture and to engage all students. Aside from all school dances, another integral part of engaging all FPS students, there has never been an event this heavily coordinated that involves the entire student body.

The transition team was a necessary part in making this event possible as they have been meeting together for the past year about transition efforts.

“It’s been a long process but one that’ll be very beneficial in the end. I feel like we will see all our hard work pay off next year.” Adeep Das, Farmington junior and member of the transition team, commented.

FHS teachers and administrators were also a part of the transition team.

“We’ve had meetings last year with students, teachers, and admin to see what each brought to the table and worked it out,” explained Lynn Burger, Farmington teacher and member of the transition team.

Although this event was subject to meticulous planning by all three schools, the team shill had room for concern.

“ [My biggest fear] is that the majority of kids will skip school that day,” Das said, and Burger added, “My biggest fear is that kids won’t enjoy it as much as we hoped.”

The activities done throughout the day are simple yet actively focused on getting students to communicate with each other while preparing for the changes of the next year. The day will open with an all-school pep rally in the gym and then students will be separated by grade level and will rotate between activities including: meeting class officers in the auditorium, playing ice-breaker games in classrooms, and learning about the different activities that will be offered next year in the gym. Lunch will be provided in the cafeteria at different times depending on the student’s grade level.

“There are so many activities that I’m so excited for so I can’t choose just one,” Das responded.

Looking towards the future, the team hopes that this day will bring both schools closer and transform them into one community.

“[My hope] is that FHS kids are welcoming and that HHS kids feel welcomed and that we can create a new culture,” Burger said.

The elephant in the room is that although HHS students are rivals to FHS, students should put old rivalries to the side and welcome the students. Das warns students to not intensify an old rivalry.

“At the next FHS event, I want to see unity between Harrison and Farmington kids. I would also like to see Harrison’s legacy still honored somehow,” said Isaiah Langley, a junior at Harrison.

Burger gave one last word of advice to students: “Talk to people, get involved, and be open.”