Girls’ soccer season ends on a rough note

Jayla Darden, Staff Writer

The soccer team isn’t making it to the championships, but they still carry the dignity and respect here at FHS.

Even though the soccer team is ending without winning a trophy, there’s no need to make a sad face. Dori Payne, 12, defender, explained how a team like theirs could end the season without making it to the championships.

“Our home games are relatively good, but when we go to away games we just… lose our touch,” Payne said.  

Payne also stated that she will miss playing because she’s developed such a bond with her team, says that they are like family, considering she has played all four years of high school. Even the rough season they had it didn’t affect their team once.

If Payne could compare this season to previous seasons, she would say that this season in a whole could have been played better, but in regards to the bond of the team, they are closer now than ever before.

Marissa Mendez, 12, loves attending our soccer games. She tries to make it to every game. When asked to describe our soccer team in 5 words, she said “ dedicated to get the trophy.” Mendez and Payne both have one thing in common: they love soccer.

Mendez told me early on that she was very upset the season is coming to an end, and she will dearly miss watching her favorite sport, and enjoying it with her friends with her. If Mendez had a few words to say to the team she would say, “the soccer team gave their all this season, they will be missed lots, and I would let them know that im proud of them no matter what, they tried their best; they always kicked a goal to me.”

Case Parker, 12, also loves soccer games. He says his favorite part of the game is when they score a goal! Parker stated, “I enjoy eating snickers and cheering on my colleagues as they bring home the W.”