Graduation set for June 9


Graduation at the USA Hockey arena is setup like this. It looks small now but once you walk in there you won’t be thinking the same.

Christian McDowell, Staff Writer

FHS senior’s graduation is June 9 at USA Hockey, formerly Compuware. This will be FHS’s final graduation before the Harrison kids merge into Farmington High.

“There are 270 seniors on the books as potential graduates this year,” stated Tom Shelton, principal. This is fewer than last year.

All three comprehensive high schools have ceremonies at USA Hockey on the same afternoon, with times rotating. FHS is scheduled for 3 p.m., with Harrison at noon and North at 6 p.m. Teachers and principals are involved in the graduation process a lot with there being many things to do.

“I help get our graduates ready for the ceremony, with practices during the senior breakfast and the mandatory rehearsal.  I also have a speech that I give, and I’m responsible to make sure that everything goes smoothly,” said Shelton.

Shelton’s most important task is when he declares the graduates have completed requirements, and Dr. Heistch accepts his recommendation  and declares them graduates.

Farmington senior Hannah Hendi is the president of student council and will be giving a speech and calling-up students at graduation. She has based her speech on the time she and her fellow students had at Farmington. After her speech, she will stay on the stage during the rest of the graduation.

To many people, graduation means a lot and is the highlight of their lives.

“Graduating takes you places in life and is the first step to success,” Hendi said. She has won awards for community service hours and she hopes to have won an honors cord. Many students seem to have the same energy when it comes to their graduation.

“Graduation is important to me because I have been waiting on this day for a long time and I know it will make my family happy,” stated senior Romyah Myricks.

Myricks has already bought her cap and gown and is now planning on buying a white dress and nude heels for graduation. Many of her family members are planning to attend her graduation.

“Graduation is the end of one phase of students’ lives, and the beginning of the next.  To me, it is special because we are not only celebrating our graduates as individuals, but we are also celebrating the graduates as a diverse but united group, ready to face the world,” said Shelton.

This is a very big graduation for Farmington High because it is the last one before Harrison students arrive at Farmington’s door steps. Students like Myricks and Hendi have been waiting for their graduation along with their families and now it is finally here.