Varsity Volleyball team hosts Smackdown competition


Volleyball girls created this flyer to bring awareness to their fundraiser. The flyers were posted on social media and around the school.

Micah Eans, Staff Writer

The varsity girls volleyball held their annual Smackdown competition on May 10 in an effort to raise money for their program.

The Varsity girls won first place in this year’s competition. They have won every Smackdown competition for the past three years.

Smackdown is hosted every year by the Varsity girls team so that people who are not on the team can still enjoy the sport in a competitive way. Kimberly Whatley, 12, has been a part of the Volleyball team her entire high school career and she has planned this event every year.

“The Smackdown competition means a lot to the girls because it helps us pay for all of our tournaments. Without this, we wouldn’t be able to participate some of the competitions,” Whatley said.

Participants form teams of six to nine players and pay $5 per person to enter the tournament. No girls are allowed to play. The goal here is for the guys to beat the varsity girls team. Each team faces each other in a match, similar to a regular game. Once one team loses, the winner moves on to the next team until they face the ultimate boss, the Varsity girls.

This competition has been a tradition for many years. Over the years, Volleyball has become popular but there’s not a team that includes boys.Therefore, Smackdown gives boys an equal opportunity to show their skills.

“The boys would always complain that we don’t have a team for them to play on or they just can’t play so we came up with the idea of letting them play in a little tournament against other teams,” Whatley said.

Zach Kniffin,12, engaged in this year’s tournament, and his team placed third.

“My team and I had fun playing in the tournament. I liked that the competition gave the guys a chance to experience a sport that we don’t usually play all the time,” Kniffin said.