Detroit’s Got Talent


Before the big AGT audition, Breanna Carter and Victoria Cooksey pose for a photo in their DYC uniforms. The two along with the rest of the choir remained hopeful for a great audition.

Breanna Carter, Staff Writer

The Detroit Youth Choir (DYC)  auditioned for America’s Got Talent in March and two members of the choir, Breanna Carter (myself) and Victoria Cooksey, attend FHS. The choir is under the direction of Anthony White, who has been the director for 20 years.

Although the Detroit Youth Choir is on the road to stardom now, the group hasn’t always been in this position. In November of 2017, DYC traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to audition for AGT. The audition went well and the group waited to hear back from the illustrious TV show. As springtime rolled around with no word from AGT, the group decided to try again in November 2018. This audition went great, too, but there was a difference.

“The first time we were really nervous and the second time, since we’d already been through it, we felt more confident,” said Cooksey.

The audition judges must’ve felt it too because in December 2018, DYC  got the call that AGT wanted the choir to travel to Los Angeles, Calif. , to audition in front of the celebrity judges. The room exploded with joy, happiness, excitement, hugs, and high fives.

White, choir director, stated, “I felt such joy upon receiving the news. I always believe in the kids!”

So many of the students had never traveled to LA before, and none had ever auditioned on a stage that big. Shortly after the excitement, DYC began to get prepared for the audition.

Hours and hours of practice went into preparing for this AGT audition. Rehearsals took place sometimes as much as 4 days a week. Included in this is a five-hour rehearsal every Saturday from 12-5. During these rehearsals, song lyrics, notes and choreography were taught and practiced repeatedly. Rehearsals were long and sweat and tears were heavily involved.

All of the kids in DYC are also full time students ranging from ages 8-18. On top of rehearsals, the choir members also have school work, sports, jobs, and family obligations. It’s taken hard work, dedication, and commitment but these youth are definitely being rewarded in this amazing opportunity. White is just as excited as the rest of the youth.

“ I never would have thought that this opportunity would happen to our small but powerful organization. We have a lot offer the world. Our city doesn’t know much about us yet but they will.” he said.

Make sure to tune in to America’s Got Talent to see these youth in action May 28 on NBC at 8 p.m.