Band season ends with a bang


A few senior and junior band members pose for a picture after the concert. Lots of friendships were made over the past four years in band. Top (from left to right): Lauren Newhard, Emma Paquette, Alyssa Peressini, Elaine Girbach, Madison Hales, Sarah Newhard, Bianca Alagon Bottom (from left to right): Kirah Hartway, Pooja Balani, Sarah Rinker, Shreya Salwi

Sarah Newhard, Staff Writer

The Jazz Ensemble, Concert Band, Symphony Band, and Percussion Ensemble performed their last concert of the school year in Farmington’s auditorium on May 15 at 7:30 p.m.. The concert wrapped up the season and allowed students to share their hard work and accomplishments with friends and family.

The concert began with a performance by the Jazz Band, which is composed of students from all grades who play jazz instruments. The ensemble played two songs entitled “Mas Que Nada,” and “Jumpin’ at the Woodside.” These songs are classic jazz pieces, and they are both very upbeat and fun to listen to. Members of Jazz Ensemble were awarded pins to put on their varsity jackets in honor of their extracurricular achievement.

Following the Jazz Ensemble was the Concert Band. Concert Band is made of first-year high school band students. Concert Band performed two pieces: “Prelude and Fugue in F minor,” and “The Eighties.” These pieces were very different from each other, one being from 1750 and the other from 1992, but they both perfectly captured the ability of the group. Concert Band’s hard work and dedication to music definitely showed in their performance.

“My favorite piece was “The Eighties” because we knew all the songs in it, so it was really fun,” said freshman Molly Swaine.

After their performance, awards for Most Valuable and Most Improved Musician were given. Nicholas Alia, 9, won the Most Valuable Musician Award for his hard work and talent at playing the bassoon, and Satyak Khare, 9, won Most Improved Musician for his growth on the trumpet throughout the season.

Following Concert Band was the Percussion Ensemble, which is composed of students from all grades who play percussion instruments. The ensemble performed a very unique, interesting song entitled “Death by Ooga Booga.” The song contained lots of special sound effects and chanting, and it was a great representation of the unique ways percussion instruments can be used.

After Percussion Ensemble’s performance, Symphony Band took the stage. Symphony Band is mostly made up of students who are in their second, third, or fourth year of band. The group performed three songs: “Tiger Rag,” “Shine,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean Symphonic Suite.” The songs captured a wide variety of music styles, and did a great job of capturing the high skill level of the musicians in the ensemble. Emma Paquette, 11, enjoyed playing “Shine.”

“I think my favorite moment of the concert was in “Shine”when the whole band was playing together, because that was our one beautiful song, and I think we played it very well,” she said.

Varsity letters were given to students who have participated in Symphony Band for one year, and pins were given to students who’ve participated for more than one year. The Director’s Awards, Lloyd Smith Leadership Award, and John Philip Sousa Award were given to seniors Shreya Salwi, Gautham Jayaraj, and Libbey Taylor, and juniors Madison Wisdom, Emma Paquette, and Caleb Labelle. Each of these students worked very hard all year and exhibited exceptional skill, leadership, and passion for music. The class of 2019 was also recognized for their participation in band.

“My favorite moment of the concert was being recognized with all of my fellow senior classmates for our achievements these past four years,” said senior Madison Hales.

The concert concluded with a combined performance between Concert and Symphony Band. They played highlights from the movie “Brave.” The senior class also gave Mr. Steele a gift to thank him for all of his hard work and dedication over the past four years.