F7: Water Wars champs

Anna Ledermann, Staff Writer

Farmington High School’s Water Wars competition was in full speed from start to finish. Each team pays $60 to play, which was put in a pot totalling $1,350 that would go to the winning team. This year, the winning team was the members of F7.

The senior activity took place in Farmington. Water Wars is something that is done at many schools, and it’s a water gun fight. Teams of up to six battle with water trying to get people out.

From April 26 to May 17, seniors went out searching for people and doing their best to spray whoever they could while still staying in themselves.

It seemed the senior class had a lot of fun participating.

“I thought it was a lot of fun, and it’s cool because mostly the whole class came together to play. Winning was great because we put a lot of work and time into finding people to get out so to see that effort play out in the end was very cool,” said Jack Fowler, 12. Fowler is a member of the winning team.

There are a lot of rules to the game because of past events. This includes no shooting in or out of cars, school, work, garages, and indoors are off limits, and everyone must be wearing their wristband at all times.

Even with these regulations in place, some participants say there are still things that could be improved for next year.

“I had a lot of fun, but I just wish there were lock ins so everyone would be in one area with no car to hide in. In future years I think they should do bracket style and have lock ins, to make it more competitive and safe,” said Alyssa Iaquinta, 12.

The way to win Water Wars is through a point system. When someone gets out, their team loses 2 points, and the team that got them gets 1.

There also must be proof of the points, so a team needs to submit either a picture of that person’s wristband or a video of them getting out. Everything must be sent to one of the judges, and it’s then posted to the Water Wars twitter account, and the points are totalled in a roster.

Although it’s just supposed to be a fun game, Water Wars can cause a lot of stress and pressure, especially on the judges.

“No test, job, or fight could have prepared me for the wrath of a bunch of teenagers that wanted $200 so badly,” said Luke Braska, 12.

Braska dealt with a lot, but said he also had a good experience.