Farmington United Gymnastics receives recognition for state championship


Celebrating their successes, the Farmington United gymnastics team posed for one last team picture for the season.

Kacey Noseworthy, Staff Writer

FPS recognized the Farmington United Gymnastics team on May 21 for their March 2019 State Championship win. This is not their first win, last year this team was State Champions last year also, but this year victory came by a much larger score margin.

“The first state champion win last year was much more intense because it was so much closer, and we did not know if we were going to win, but this year we came in as one of the top teams and were expected to be champions,” coach Jeff Dwyer stated.

Winning state champs is the highest achievement a team can reach in the Michigan High School Athletic Association, and this team did not fall short of this goal no matter how difficult it seemed.

“The girls on the team set this huge goal at the beginning of the year and that was to win the state champs title again, and they worked hard toward this goal every day and gave their all and it paid off in the end,” Dwyer stated.

This recognition gives all state champions a chance to feel appreciated for their efforts. The team attended this ceremony last year; however, this year, they are going into it with multiple individual all-state gymnasts, and a two-time state championship team.

“Of course the recognition makes me feel like my hard work paid off. This sport isn’t the type that you can just walk into and be the best. I have been doing this sport for a long time and have worked hard for my spot on the team, and being recognized for the greatness we as a team achieved is the best reward,” NFHS senior captain Ava Farquhar stated.

This team was always lighthearted and never stressed out too much about winning. Even with all the expectations people had of them they went out and performed, and they knew they had their whole team their to back them up. They were often singing and dancing before every event to get the nerves out and to remind each other that the competitions are meant to be fun.

“These girls aren’t just my friends anymore; they’re my family, and it’s a bond that I don’t think I could create with anyone else. Of course winning and being state champs is cool, but we could have never achieved it without such talented, amazing girls,” FHS senior gymnast Shelby Smith stated.

This championship was not won by one girl; it was won by the whole team, whether they were competing or just cheering on their teammates.

“Winning states is an amazing feeling, and just the thought of ‘I helped do that’ makes it even better,” Smith stated.

The recognition of this team does not stop there because on June 6 the United Gymnastics team was invited to the Detroit Free Press Sports Awards at the Fillmore Theater in Downtown Detroit. This program is intended to honor top athletic accomplishments in high school sports.