Class of 2021 Student Council reflects on this year to continue their success


The FHS Class of 2021 Student Council successfully planned and organized many events this year such as the hoco parade, class t-shirts, reindeer games, canned food drive, blood drive, bagels, and the hypnotist show.  They have already met with the other half of the members from Harrison and are already preparing to make 2019-2020 a great year.

Anna Pierce, Staff Writer

The class of 2021 Student Council has coordinated many successful events this school year such as the homecoming parade, the blood drive, and new weekly fundraisers.  The returning members and new members, especially those from Harrison High School, are already collaborating to make next year a successful year.

A majority of the members of the class of 2021 Student Council are returning for their second or third year.  For instance, Kayla Ghafari will be returning as co-president, Evie Penner as vice president, Stephanie Lu as Treasurer, Sofia Buatti as Secretary and Elizabeth Norris, Lily Morrissette and Meghan Burba as reps.  

In addition to the one new member from FHS, Asa Hollingsworth as a rep, five new members will be joining the council from Harrison: Elena Nicholson as the co-president alongside Ghafari, and Alexis Andrews, Sara Hammound, Mouhamadou Ndiaye and Kat Jevtic as reps.

“For all the positions the races were all very close, especially for the president. Also, at Harrison, there was a tie for representatives so that is how they got an added representative for the sophomore class,” Elizabeth Norris, 10, stated.

After next year’s council met altogether for the first time, Norris felt that there wasn’t necessarily any tension between the members, but she feels that it will be a big change because obviously they do things differently at Harrison, and FHS runs their council in a pattern on their own.  She thinks that both schools need to adjust to each other to combine and share ideas.

“I think it is more about getting used to each other and getting to know each other, so we can work together and throw ideas out and figure out how to make things work successfully,” Norris stated.

One member of this year’s council, Abbey Carvey, will not be returning next year simply because she is trying to expand her horizons and take part in other clubs that she is interested in.  However, that does not mean she can’t still be a part of the council’s success.

“Now that I know how the council runs, and I have friends on it, I can give them suggestions, and I know what they need feedback on to help them the most,” Abbey Carvey, 10, stated.

Carvey also thinks that during this current school year, the class of 2021 Student Council was very organized and successful, but next year’s members just need to make sure they show up and do their individual part of the divided work.

Agreeing with Carvey, Norris stated, “From this year to next year, I think we should try to follow through more on everyone’s specific jobs to make sure we are all on the same page so everything goes smoothly.  We also need to follow through because people will say they are going to do their job and have every intention to do so, but time gets out of hand and the job doesn’t get done or as well as it could have.

Not only does the class of 2021 Student Council need its members to survive, but it also needs the student body’s input and support to make next year the best year yet.  Help the council make next year exceptional, and do your part by donating during fundraisers, offering input on things like the class t-shirt and participating in events run by the Student Council like the canned food drive and hypnotist show.