“Senioritis” is real and thriving


The class of 2019 posing for a picture in the parking lot for their homecoming "Black Out."

Sophia Kalakailo, Editor

It’s the time of the year when seniors all around high schools are claiming to have a condition called “Senioritis.” Senioritis is a commonly used term around Farmington High School, but what exactly does it mean?

“Senioritis is the effect of being in mindless school for countless days while each second passes like a minute,” explained Eleanor Gagner, 12.

Seniors with this condition experience symptoms including not doing school work, skipping school, being late, a lack of motivation or a combination of those.

“I just have no motivation like I’m already in college,” said Lauren Valli, explaining her own senioritis.

Parents of seniors start to see the effects of “Senioritis” which can result in consequences for seniors at home.

“You know you’ve hit rock bottom when your mom takes your car keys and then leaves, expecting you to walk to school because she is mad you slept in. That’s what happened to me today,” Gagner explained. “When you think you’ve fallen as low as you can, there’s always lower to fall.”

Ashleigh Schenk’s father is also particularly fed up with her “Senioritis”.

“I skip all the time. My dad said to me ‘Ashleigh, Wayne State is gonna rescind your acceptance!’ and I laughed and said, ‘No, I have a 3.4’. My parents are angry with me but I’m still maintaining my grades,” said Schenk. “As long as you maintain your grades, you’re fine.” Schenk adds as a message to soon to be seniors.

Other current seniors have messages for current juniors. “Senioritis” could soon affect these students.

Brandon Bilson has advice for the class of 2020. He took classes that proved to be particularly overwhelming for his senior year.

“Don’t go too hard on yourself senior year with difficult classes because even senioritis can affect the most studious and diligent people,” said Bilson, “If you know that you won’t put in the effort in your final year, reconsider your class choice.”

“Senioritis” continues to spread throughout the school, especially in these last few days of classes for seniors. Students should be wary of this phenomenon in preparation for their senior year.