Day of Action: inclusion, awareness, education

Serena Keller, Editor

Day of Action was held on May 17 in the mediated classroom and was organized by Serena Keller, Sophie Kalakailo, and Lauren Baumgartel.

This event was focused on inclusion, education, and awareness in and of the LGBTQ+ community.

Day of Action is an event FHS has never had before. Keller, Kalakailo, and Baumgartel hoped that this event would be an eye opening and progressive experience that continues to spread awareness and inclusion through FPS.

Roz Keith was the keynote speaker at Day of Action. Keith is the founder of Stand with Trans and spoke on gender identity issues and the differences between gender identity and sexual orientation.

At Day of Action, there was a student panel made of Keller, Kalakailo, Haley Roden, Jacqueline Kim, Ian Cruz, Abbegale Jones, Allen Garza, and Mitchell Odien. The students on the panel talked about their personal coming out stories and experiences as members of the LGBTQ+ community, then proceeded to answer questions from the audience.

The event continued on into dialogue groups where students split up into three groups discussing different LGBTQ+ experiences, issues, and thoughts.

“This event made me really think and realize that our high school does have an outstretched community of allies, LGBT+ members, and people interested in learning more about the LGBT+ community,” Elijah Champoux, 10 said.

Day of Action had a larger impact than expected, as word spread to both middle schools, Power and East. The middle schools would like the leaders of Day of Action to present something at the schools on the LGBTQ+ community.

“I felt the outcome was way more impactful than we initially thought, I’m proud to say it gave advice and education to students about numerous topics regarding LGBTQ+,” Baumgartel, 12 said.