DECA Nationals in Disney


Farmington High School's DECA team at the airport before the national competition.

Anna Ledermann, Staff Writer

The Farmington High School DECA team has worked hard all year, and it finally paid off when they made it to DECA Nationals. The competition took place in Orlando, FL.

The competition was individual placings, and the students at Farmington did a great job, even though no one made it to finals.  

The desire to do well can create a lot of pressure on someone, but not everyone feels this stress and anxiety. It can also sometimes be used to one’s advantage.

“I didn’t really feel much pressure or nervousness until I was in the room with the judge. I did put pressure on myself to do well and make my family and team proud, but all along they were proud of my accomplishments already,” said Kimmie Whatley, 12.

Farmington High School students in DECA worked hard all year, doing everything they could to get ready for the National competition. They practiced a ton, and did their best at every competition, working their way up.

“I definitely think all my hard work paid off. I have been working for this competition the past 2 years. It took a lot of dedication, and it was super difficult sometimes, but I made it to my goal, and that’s all that matters to me,” said Shaliz Eboh, 12.

Like any competition, or event, a lot goes into preparing, like group practice, and they even had to work from home. There is a lot to do, so it can sometimes be hard to be completely ready.

“I did alot to prepare, but near the time for Nationals, I think I overworked myself because of the stress I felt, and that made me feel off guard a bit. But overall I think I did a pretty good job of making sure I was ready,” said Shaliz Eboh.

DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. It prepares kids to become leaders in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Students that competed said they felt more prepared and ready now to go into something marketing based.

With the national competition being in such a nice location this year, there was a lot for the students to do. They went to the beach, spent time relaxing at the pool, and had a very fun day at Disney World.