Potential Falcons visit the nest

Breanna Carter, Staff Writer

Students looking to potentially attend FHS in the future have the opportunity, like at many other schools, to visit and shadow another student for the day. In past years students have been able to shadow another student for the whole school day, but that recently changed: students can only shadow for half of the day and not a full school day.

Going to a new school can be scary, and it’s nice to have some experience with the building and teachers before fully making the transition over. Tom Shelton, principal, said that students may get bored during a full day of shadowing.

“In most cases, an all-day shadow is not productive. It gives students a glimpse of what the school is like,” Shelton said.

Shelton feels that half a day of shadowing is enough for a student who’s trying to weigh their options to get a good feel of our building and school environment but not get bored with a long school day.  

On the contrary, senior Kate Bird had the opportunity to have her younger sister shadow her and wonders if that is long enough for her to have a good experience. Her sister is currently an eighth grader at Our Lady of Sorrows and looking to attend FHS next school year. Bird feels that it was a good experience for her younger sister, but she wishes it could have been longer. She mentions that she felt “ a little disappointed because most of my core classes were in the afternoon.”  Since senior year is often filled with an elective or two, maybe three more than an incoming freshman will get to experience their first year; seeing more core classes would have been beneficial.

“Yes, [it should’ve been longer] because I feel that especially with her going to a private school it would’ve given her more exposure to different faces of teachers,” Bird said

Although she feels it wasn’t long enough she does think it was efficient. Bird said her sister was able to be a part of the 400/500 hallway crossway and lunch. She believes these experiences gave her a nice idea of our school environment. Although it may not have been the ideal day for her younger sister, she agreed that “It was definitely efficient, and, yes, she is coming here next year.”

Students may not agree with the new rules of this shadowing practice but it is in place to make sure potential students get the best and most efficient shadow experience at Farmington High School. Shelton mentioned that the new rules were also in place to cut back on “social shadows” as he likes to call them. These include students who aren’t necessarily looking to become a Falcon, but those who only come to be with a friend or to get out of school.