Which MCU superhero are you most like?

Jayla Darden, Staff Writer

Take this short and sweet quiz to determine which of the

original 6 Avengers you are most like.

How emotional are you in upsetting situations? (0-10 scale, 0 being not at all, 10 being a lot)

a) 0-2

b) 2-4

c) 5-6

d) 7-8

e) 9

f) 10


2) Favorite color?

a) Red

b) Green

c) White

d) Black

e) Gold

f) Blue


3) Favorite Food?

a) Junk food

b) Chicken

c) Pigs in a blanket

d) Peanut butter bites

e) Salad

f) Brunch food


4) Favorite MCU film?

a) Thor

b) The Incredible Hulk

c) Captain America

d) Iron Man

e) Iron Man 2

f) The Avengers


5) Favorite drink?

a) Chocolate chip frappe

b) Green tea

c) Decaf Coffee

d) Straight coffee

e) Pumpkin spice latte

f) Caramel macchiato


6) Favorite Day of the week?

a) Thursday

b) Everyday

c) Monday

d) Friday

e) No day

f) Wednesday


7) Favorite Phone?

a) No phone

b) I break all my phones

c) Iphone x

d) Computer

e) All phone are my favorite

f) Android


8) Where would you go right now?

a) Outer Space

b) Ohio

c) Anywhere in the USA

d) Russia

e) Manhattan, NY

f) Iowa


9) Where would you go to relax?

a) Anywhere away from my family

b) India

c) The gym

d) With my pals

e) With my significant other

f) At home with my family


10) What matters the most to you?

a) Honor

b) Peace

c) Order

d) Faith

e) Knowledge

f) Family


Once you have finished the quiz, add up how many of each letter you picked. If you answered mostly…


a) You are most like Thor. You barely show emotion and would prefer to spend as much time away from your family (siblings) as possible. The most important thing to you in life is honor and respect.

b) You are like the Hulk. You get angry really fast, and once you do, a monster emerges! You cant even keep a cell phone for too long because you might break it.

c) You are most similar to the wonderful Captain America! You love your country and value each day. You also love to work out and appreciate when everything is in order.

d) You are like Black Widow. You are fierce, independent, and intelligent. You absolutely love the color black, and prefer to get around with computers. Faith matters the most to you.

e) You are like the genius, billionaire, philanthropist… Iron Man. You are extremely smart;  you enjoy spending time with your significant other and like to have some of the finer things in life.

f) You are like Hawkeye. You enjoy family, and when given the opportunity to go anywhere to relax, you would spend it at home with your family. Your family drives you to be better.