New librarian working in the media center


Helen Akouri at her new desk in the FHS library. She took the place of Susie Gronenboom, the previous librarian.

Michele Matson, staff

The new librarian at FHS is Helen Akouri. The previous librarian, Susie Gronenboom, has moved to another position in the school.

“I thought Mrs. G ran the library very nicely. I love to see people gather here and converse and do their work in group settings,” said Akouri. “I love reading; I have a love for knowledge, and I love learning about things and experimenting. I hope to bring a welcoming atmosphere to the library.”

Before she becomes a librarian, Akouri was a teacher at an elementary school.

“She was working at Kenbrook Elementary, so we had to be patient waiting for her while she was replaced at the elementary school. That’s why there was a period of time where we had substitutes and the media center was closed,” said Thomas Shelton, principal.

An interview process was used to decide who the new librarian would be.

“The first step of the process was finding a timeline for moving Mrs. Gronenboom into the counseling office. Then there was an interview and everybody loved Mrs. Akouri and what she could do for the media center,” Shelton said.

Meanwhile, Gronenboom is now a counseling technician. She took the place of Georgi Schuetz, who moved to another high school.

“There are two different positions,” said Mr. Shelton. “There’s the media center coordinator which Mrs. Akouri is in now, and we also have a counseling technician which coordinates testing for the building. Mrs. Gronenboom decided that that was something she was interested in.”

Despite the fact she is no longer the media center coordinator, Gronenboom’s hard work in the library will not be forgotten.

“Our biggest thing is continuing the great work Gronenboom started and making sure we are enhancing our collections and that we have books and literature in the media center that are interesting to students and that they want to read,” said Shelton.

Furthermore, it is possible that new changes could come to both the library and the rest of the school in the future.

“Schools are dynamic places and we’re always changing,” said Shelton. “I can’t think of something I see coming at the top of my head, but we’re always trying to come up with ways to use the space and resources we have better. No big changes planned yet though.”