FPS Seniors’ Final Party

Christian McDowell, staff

Farmington High’s senior all-night party is this spring at Dave and Busters. This event is thrown for seniors’ last high school hurrah. The cost for this year’s party is $80 per student.

Dave and Busters has a full service restaurant and video arcade. They are helping put together the event that they have hosted for Farmington for the past five years.

FPS payroll specialist Deborah Molloy is the parent of FPS student Riane Molloy and is the leader of the senior all night party. There are over 90 volunteers for the event. Some of the volunteers are filling more than one role.

“We work with Dave & Busters to plan the setup, the menu and the schedule. We rent all additional equipment and hire entertainers as needed. We sell tickets, raise money, get donations from the community, provide information to seniors and their parents, plan fundraising events, prepare prizes, coordinate entertainment and security for the night of the party,” stated Molloy.

The previous leader of the senior all night party, Mrs. Braska, explained that some volunteers for the party brought food for the students and purchased awards for the giveaways they had.

Furthermore, Farmington senior Luke Braska is a judge in this year’s water wars. He stated that $500 from water wars will be donated to the senior all night party this year.

Many people often wonder what you should wear to a senior all night party that is different from prom.

“People are probably going to be taking plenty of pictures so, something not too casual but comfortable enough to play the more active games,” stated Braska. Senior Prince Funwei agreed with Braska, explaining that dressing up could be a distraction. Some students wonder if the party is even worth it, which brings people to think if it’s overrated.“No I don’t, I believe people always end up having a great time. There’s a lot of stigmas because it’s school run but it’s at a great spot and everyone ends up enjoying it,” said Funwei.

Braska agreed with Funwei, stating that he believes it’s a great way for everyone to have fun one last time without any drama.

“It is a chance to have one more fun-filled evening with classmates in a safe environment to celebrate graduation.  Food. Fun. Prizes,” said Molloy. This is a wonderful time for students to spend time with each other one last time before moving on to college.