Lady Falcons Varsity Lacrosse: “Determined, Family, Cohesive”


Cindy Flynn

After one of their 15 wins of their undefeated season so far, the FHS Lady Falcons smile ear to ear with their coach, Michael Mehall. Their success is attributed to their strong team dynamic, their determination, and their coach.

Anna Pierce, staff

The Lady Falcons Varsity Lacrosse are sustaining an undefeated season after facing 15 tough competitors on the road to winning states.  Not only have they achieved a perfect season, but they have also grown as a team and as individual players with the help of their coach, Michael Mehall.

The Falcons have devoted large amounts of time and hard work into their undefeated season especially after their first game against Troy High School that resulted in a 15-14 overtime win.

“To be honest with you, it was really cold out there, and we all just wanted to go home, but we wanted to start our season off right.  Winning that game meant we hadn’t and still haven’t lost a game at our home field,” Emily Flynn, 12, stated.

Part of the Lady Falcons’ success can be contributed to the fact that they have an exceptional team dynamic and bond.  According to Flynn, the girls all get along very well together and have good chemistry as a team.

“Our team is very close.  If there is any drama between anyone, we settle it before we step on the field, and we all have the same goal, which is to win states,” Isabelle Prylo, 10, stated.

Along with their team dynamic, Coach Mehall has also contributed greatly to this success.  He is known in the lacrosse community as the Johnny Appleseed of the game of lacrosse, meaning that he truly helped it succeed and grow as a sport in Michigan.

“Our coach, Coach Mehall,… he is just a great coach,” Flynn exclaimed.

In order to achieve the Lady Falcons’ common goal of winning states, they have been working on improving and incorporating new plays to finish off their season undefeated against Plymouth High School and Rochester Adams.

“We work a lot on plays at practice, but we just need to be able to execute them in games.  We also need to make sure we are more consistent with how we play defense because sometimes we aren’t always holding the adjacents, and sometimes we let a few ones slip through,” Prylo stated.

Their hard work and practicing plays has paid off, as on May 8, they secured a 15-2 win over North Farmington/ Harrison, winning the District Championships.

Be a part of the Falcons’ success as a fan and cheer on the team during the rest of their undefeated season and especially at their last home game on May 13 at 7 p.m. against Rochester Adams.