Gabi Mitchell chooses her future


Gabi Mitchell at her signing to Lawrence Technological University’s lacrosse team. Mitchell is very committed to lacrosse and her new school.

Sanni Kanervo, Staff Writer

Gabi Mitchell, 12, committed to  Lawrence Technological University’s lacrosse team on May 1. Mitchell is a captain of varsity lacrosse and has played it since freshman year. She is going for a nursing program.

Mitchell enjoys playing midfield because it is a lot of running. Mitchell has been very athletic all of high school. Mitchell has played lacrosse and hockey all throughout high school. She chose to pursue lacrosse in college but the athletic abilities she gained from hockey continue to help her in lacrosse.

“Gabi’s strength as a player is that she has been able to transfer her hockey skills to lacrosse. She has a great sidearm shot. She has moved in the last year to be more confident on her position on a field. She plays an intelligent game,” said varsity coach Michael Mehall, who has coached Mitchell at FHS.

Even though Mitchell is good according to her coach, she wants to always improve herself to be even better. Her goal is to improve her right hand shot, and that takes a lot of practice, but this determined player is ready to give 100 percent for her dreams.

Mitchell is busy with school, games, and practices, but she keeps her motivation up by thinking about her future goals. She is also a real team player, and says that she is motivated by her team, and she wants to lead her team to success. Leading the team is sometimes hard, but she manages to do it well with her positive attitude.

As a captain, Mitchell is under a lot of pressure and has many responsibilities, but she thinks that it’s an honor to be a captain. For her, being a captain means listening to everyone and setting a goal together. She points out that being positive is an important thing because it helps the whole team to try more. Her many years of lacrosse are full of funny stories and memories that will stay with her even at the college level.

“It was my first time playing in front of coach at varsity practice. At the beginning of the drill, I got the ball and I started running. I trip over and faceplant into the turf. I got turf in my mouth and coach started laughing,” Mitchell said.

Games are extremely exciting occasions, and Mitchell does a lot of dancing with her team in the locker room to relieve stress. She also cheers her team up with a chant that they say before every game. But sometimes it takes lucky numbers and something magical to get rid of stress. Mitchell likes to do things in even numbers like her steps.

Mitchell recommends everyone to play lacrosse because it is worth it.